At Dolce Neve, we have chosen to make our gelato from scratch working with raw natural ingredients.
To make a great gelato you must first start with the best ingredients you can find locally or from around the world.
We believe in the slow food movement and we know each of the farmers and producers we source from. The quality of our gelato depends on the quality of how our ingredients are grown; this is why our farmers and producers are so important to us.
Farm to Table is a four-year-old Austin-based business that distributes locally grown farm products — including a wealth of fruits and vegetables, organic dairy products, cage-free eggs, herbs, pasture-raised chicken, pork, Texas Wagyu beef and even lamb. Farm to Market partners with the best local farmers in the region who employ sustainable agriculture and ranching methods to produce only the highest quality and most flavorful seasonal products available.
County Line is the only truly local, organic, grass fed pastured dairy in Texas. Their Holstein and Jersey cows are free to roam in their organic certified pastures in Earth, Texas. County Line is a Validus certified farm for humane animal welfare treatment.